About us


  • To support good reputation of national races and country
  • To stand as an international standard flight services  industry
  • To provide as the finest air transportation services, general aviations and commercial operations (DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL) to    commercial, travelling & donatives supporting tours
  • To create job opportunities for Myanmar Nationalities

Planned Commercial Activities 

  • Non-scheduled domestic and regional passenger air services
  • Trade cargo, Photo and Filming Flights
  • Humanitarian Relief Flights
  • Passenger Flights
  • Onshore and Offshore Services
  • Power Line Inspections
  • Aerial Advertising
  • Air Ambulance Flights

Legal Framework

  • Provisional Air Operator Certificate  has been approved in 17th July 2013 by DCA.
  • MIC has approved Air Myanmar’s Proposal on  7th February, 2014.
  • To receive Air Operator Certificate, Air Myanmar Aviation Services has started submitting the  required documents to the DCA on 17th February 2014.

Aircraft and Crew


EUROCOPTER  AS  350  B3 (Has been imported)
AGUSTA  WESTLAND  AW139 (To be imported)
LEAR  JET 60 (To be imported)
CHALLENGER  XL  65 (To be imported)


All of the crew and engineers from Air Myanmar Aviation Services are experienced personnel and achieved type rating certificates for AS 350 B3 helicopter, AW 139 helicopter from Heli Aviation Training Centre (Germany), Agusta Westland (Malaysia) and Agusta Westland (Italy).


  • All of the aircraft from Air Myanmar Aviation Services will operate the destinations that will be approved by DCA.
  • Helicopters will operate the DCA approved airports and heliports.


Eurocopter AS 350 B3

All ricks                                =          Agreed Value      USD 2,600,000   (any one aircraft)
Passenger legal liability   =         full seat
Personal Accident             =         Pilot 1 seat, Passenger 5 seats
Period                                 =          26th June 2013 to 25th June 2014
(Including third party and passenger legal liability.)
Organization Strength
Board of Directors = 5
Management = 3
Administration = 7
Finance = 7
Commercial = 4
Flight Operations = 50
Engineering = 32
Quality Assurance = 3
Total = 111

Air Myanmar Aviation Services Organization Chart

Future Plan

  • Air Myanmar Aviation Services will acquire more aircraft and extend it’s network to destinations in the long term;
  • Air Myanmar Aviation Services will expand it’s scope of business activities to air transport ancillary services;
  • By the successful operation of it’s air transport business, Air Myanmar Aviation Services aim to fulfill its corporate responsibilities towards the community.