AMAS is the very first helicopter service in Myanmar. We are here to create your own luxurious experience.

What do WE intend?

As AMAS proudly took the place of the first Helicopter charter service in Myanmar, we mainly focus on giving the international standard services to our customers. We provide the finest Helicopter services for commercial, survey, emergency, sightseeing, travelling & donative supporting tours in Myanmar. As much as our company grows larger, we can create several job opportunities and then our nationalities can be able to attain their respective job positions. We aim to support the need of sectors in our country such as Political, Social, Economic and Health by Chartered Operations. We are willing to succeed together with you all.

What kind of services do WE offer?

AMAS provides charter services: point to point charter, aerial survey, emergency charter, commercial shooting and filming, sightseeing tour, humanitarian relief, cargo carrying and power line inspections.

Legal Framework

AMAS got an investment approval from Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) on February 2014. After a year later, we got an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) from Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) on January 2015.

What WE aim?

AMAS aims to support and integrate the development of our country through Domestic Helicopter Transportation Services and intends to support national level helicopter air transportation services to international ones.