Services We Offer

Point to Point Charter

This service is really great for those people who want to go to the designated destination with full excitement and intriguing experiences. One thing to notice is that all of the aircrafts from AMAS will operate the destinations approved by DCA.

Aerial Survey

As helicopter is really useful for Aerial surveys and mapping projects, companies like Daewoo, Total E&P and also Wuntho Resources Company Limited are our clients by cooperating with us for their projects. We have many experiences for survey projects.


Emergency Charter

We cooperate with medical specialist doctors and nurses from private hospitals and they will provide and caring and professional expertise including a detailed pre-flight assessment to ensure the patient is fit to travel. The service is available to any individual, corporate or government entity which has a patient in need of immediate transfer to any regional medical destination or international airports in Myanmar.

Propose and Wedding Charter

If you want to make a proposal to the love of your life, this will be the best option that you would choose to get unforgettable memory. Making your girl says “I Do” in the front of many people and a beauteous aircraft will make your girl feel like a happiest woman in the world. Also, you can bring your love and enjoy the tour on your anniversary date or Valentine’s Day as a surprise. Furthermore, you can choose our aircrafts as the background of your pre-wedding photos with fabulous ideas and create the most beautiful memories.


Commercial Shooting and Filming

We have a lot of experiences in working with both international and local film productions by providing our experienced pilots and aircrafts for their filming.

Sightseeing Tour

There are many beautiful sights in Myanmar. Seeing over the Yangon River would be very fantastic. And you can also enjoy the field of vision of Inle, KyiteHteeYoe, Mandalay and Bagan. As those places are already the tourist attraction places, looking the views from above will definitely make you get the best experience in your life.


Cargo Carrying

We also provide cargo service for many purposes like transportation of aid, food and other cargos to the areas that have no reliable roads, ports or commercial air strips.